Welcome Winnie to the Crew - Pupper Photography Session

It's Wednesday! Which means there's a new blog post! But today I wanted to bring you to blog post because I couldn't help but share the new addition to the Ingersoll crew, Winnie. For all my pet owners and pet lovers out there, I guarantee you fall in love with this little pup. This was over Christmas break when my family and neighbours came together at the local dog park. I'm not kidding when I come from a small town and this small town has some dogs with some big personality. I'm so happy that Winnie is now a part of the crew and she's only going to learn from the best.

Puppies are always full of energy and super excited to see everyone during any photoshoot I have. But it's nothing I can't handle. In fact, I seriously love the energy they bring and all the laughs and frustrations they bring out of their parents (too funny!). Like jumping up on the photographer or not paying attention when they should be. Don't worry I roll with it. That's who they are! That's what makes them them at this phase of their life. And that's what I'm here to document. Their personality is everything to me and if they have high energy than let's photograph it.

I hope you enjoy these actions shots and group shots!