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I'm Danica!

  A small town Ontario girl with big dreams! Photography, Videographer, dog rescue volunteer and professional Disney Fan.

Danica Oliva Photography & Videography



Inquire to view my 2 packages:

8 hours and 10 hours

Pricing starts at




Inquire to view my 2 packages:

Short & Sweet, 8 hours and 10 hours

Pricing starts at



From adventuring to new places,

to your favourite date night spot,

or a cozy session in your home!




Capture your pet's real personality.

Let's go to your pets favourite dog park,

or a cozy session in your home!



Celebrating you, updating your brands look, or wanting photos for a small portfolio.



Thank You In Advance

If there's any consideration in wanting to hire me to capture your special moments I want to thank you in advance. I'm a girl behind a business and every single person I have the opportunity to meet is an amazing experience that I can't thank you enough for. You are all beautiful from the inside out and I would love the opportunity to meet you and chat more about your vision and what you hope to get from coverage or photos from me.

Have More Questions?

Can you do video & photo for our wedding?


This is probably the best compliment I could ever receive from potential clients and I seriously thank you for loving both my photo and video work. I have worked really hard to create a mood and style that I love to represent based on the amazing couples I have. So thank you! 

At this time I offer one or the other. I do this because I don't want to bring a "crew" to your wedding. Maybe in the future I will but for now I like to pour all my talents into one outlet for my couples and give my 100% attention to you on your wedding day and not to managing a team and making sure everyone is ready to go. Know what I mean?

Do we have a second shooter add on option?


Absolutely, you can add one for an additional cost. Having another photographer/videographer on your wedding day is an extra set of eyes and helps captivate different perspectives of your big day. From capturing the groom getting ready to guests’ reactions, this is a great addition to ensure that your day is fully covered. And don’t stress! I will choose a second photographer that matches my style so you will not have to worry about any of these details.

Is there an engagement session in the photography packages?

Yes! Although most of our conversations will happen via email and phone this is our opportunity to catch up in person before your wedding. It's my gift to you. It's a chance for you to see who I really am and for me to get a better sense of your relationship. When I show up on your wedding day I don't want to be "the photographer" I want to be Danica your friend! We're a team! You'll get to see how I work too. Every photographer has their own methods and personality of shooting. When your wedding day arrives there won't be any surprises that would add to your nerves and excitement already.

Can we have the RAW files?


Whether you are wanting the video footage or original raw images I do not deliver unedited RAW files as this is an unfinished and unedited product which does not represent our product and services.

I think for any creative whether you are investing in our photography or videography that whatever drew you to our work was because you loved the final outcome. This has to do with our creative eye, overall vision, colouring techniques, editing styles, and desired shots to best represent your love story. The thought, intention, and planning behind my vision is simply incomplete. This then becomes a product that isn't mine to give.


This is industry standard within the wedding photography/videography and many other photography/videography industries.

Do we get to see all of the photos from our wedding?


I don’t provide every single photo taken during a session or at a wedding. There are thousands of photos captured and part of my job is to make sure you are getting the best ones that best represent your wedding. This doesn't mean that I will be withholding ANY moments from you for I love all those goofy moments and small ones in between. But trust me, you don't want to go through the thousands of photos that might have blinking eyes, unflattering expressions, and test shots. Again that's my job and I take a lot of time sorting (something us photographers call culling) to narrow down the best of the best.

What's your booking process?


If you think we are a good match and like what you see reach out to me. The best way would be through my contact form through this website. This best prepares me to forward the correct information quick and efficiently. You can always directly message me here at

For every session I always include a WELCOME PACKAGE which you will receive before any booking takes place. I love to get on a phone chat with you to discuss the details of the Welcome Package (trust me there are some great tips and guides in there for you. Including an outfit guide for your adventure or engagement session!) and all details about your wedding or session to include. Then we go ahead and book you in!

All weddings require a deposit and all other sessions are paid in full.