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Yay you've decided to have a photoshoot with your lover! Now where do you start?

Here are the 4 essential things I personally tell my couples before they prepare for their session. Not only that, but of course finding someone that really fits well with the both of you. I know that you can feel really nervous before a photography session and that you might feel like there's some "crazy formula" you have to follow in order to make the session the best it can be. But let me tell you a secret.... the session is whatever you want it to be! These tips are here to help you better prepare for whatever you have planned. So if you're a couple, here are my Top 4 Tips for your next photo shoot.

Tip #1: Focus On Your Partner

I am officially giving you full permission to ignore your photographer. Yes we are going to work together and yes you're going to receive guidance throughout the entire session but this is about you and your partner.

A few things that you can do is to always look at each other. In fact, it's something I always get my couples to do. When in doubt just look at each other. Believe me those get the best reactions! Just always remind yourself to take a deep breath, get close to your partner, and sink into them. Let's be real, being in front of a camera is not a natural state to be in it as a photographer I totally understand that. Having someone to feed off of and interact with is how I run every session that I personally do.

I always give you something to do and I do not pose whatsoever. For example, I'll have you guys walk away together holding hand and booty bumping the whole way. On our way back toward me I'll have you skipping bringing your knees as high as they can go. On 3 2 1 go!

Tip #2: Your Everyday Makeup and then Some

Full disclosure, I am no fashionista and most of the time I do not wear any make-up. As a matter of fact the only makeup I will probably every wear is some neutral eyeshadow, mascara, and a few little spots to cover up any blemishes. That's it! So take my advice with a grain of salt because I am not someone that is well integrated into the makeup world. And in turn that kind of contributes to my style in my look a photographs.

I'm all about bringing out your natural beauty and highlighting your everyday beauty. I always suggest that you come in whatever makeup you would wear on your everyday and if you want to put on extra mascara or a little extra lip I encourage it. Though I don't think it's something that you have to have in order to have an amazing photo. Some photographers might say otherwise. Some may say that having a little bit more makeup really makes everything stand out more. Which I don't know disagree with. But my style is more natural and really showcasing how you are right here, right now. And with that I don't want you to feel like someone you're not. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable, do that.

Tip #3: Pre Plan Your Outfits

Now this is something that I take artistic look on. I love to work with a lot of colour, texture, feel, and a lot of that has to do with what you're wearing. First and foremost you are going to feel the best and something that you feel great in. Whatever that is for you, have that your first option for your outfit choice. I always suggest having a main outfit, bringing an extra that you love, and bringing a backup just in case.

The first thing I look at when picking out an outfit is colour. Depending on where your session is try and keep everything as neutral as you can. I'm someone that wants to focus on your face and really let you shine through your movements and body language. I would say for your 2nd outfit have that be the one be something that really speaks to you that might not fit that typical photoshoot vibe. This could be a bright yellow dress or a really busy sweater. The rule of thumb is to not have any logo showing and if you do have words on your shirt make sure they're positive. I would hate for you to look back on your photos and see a word that you might be shaking your head thinking "oh boy!"

And lastly, bring a backup option. In my sessions we adventure and try new things all the time. If clothes get dirty or we get caught in the rain.... who knows what might happen! But bring that backup option as a neutral outfit you love.

Here is my personal Pinterest board on the neutral outfits to include and maybe some really fun ones to bring as a second option.

Neutral Outfits:

Fun & Bright Outfits:

And lastly I would pre-plan your outfits in advance and have them ready to go the night before your session. It's likely that you're going to feel a little nervous and the last thing you want to think about is putting to this together. I would also include the shoes you want for your session and an extra pair just in case you have to adventure to another place.

Tip #4: Choose a Photographer You Trust

This is a big one. In order to get those natural candid photos you need to trust the one giving you direction. The difference between a good photo verses an amazing photo, often has nothing to do with you as the subject, and has everything to do with how your photographer deals with light and posing. So choose a photographer whose work and direction you trust wholeheartedly to capture your love story in the best way possible!

There you have it friends! I hope these tips help ease your anxiety about being in front of the camera. With some preparation and wise choices, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to overcome that camera shyness. Now next time you have a photoshoot, you’ll be confident to go out and rock it!

Session Details Shown

Location: LOVT Studio, Toronto Ontario

Couple: Taryn & Ethan

Photographer: Danica Oliva

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