Ontario Locations for Your Intimate Wedding

There are so many amazing venues I have had the pleasure of creating. These locations are for the laidback, outdoor loving, and warmer weather weddings that want that intimate setting. Though I know there are so many amazing spots that I know make the perfect setting for your intimate wedding. This information I grabbed from trusted friends in the industry, blog posts from local blog posts, and my personal favourites I'm dying to go back to. If you're anything like me I love my lists. Bring on all the lists so I can go through them and see which selections I love most. So here are some venues and location ideas just for you!

Spaces Based on Themes:

The Hidden Gems

  • Cherry Island Cottage

  • Artscape Gibraltar Point

All In Ones

  • Belcroft Estates

  • Kortright Conservation Area

  • Waupoos Estate Winery

  • Fernwood Hills

Spaces Based on Location Type:

Barn/Farm Vibes

  • Brantview Apples + Cider

  • Sequel Inn

  • Belcroft Estates

  • Cambium Farms

Forest Retreats

  • Fernwood Hills

  • Kortright Conservation Area

Lakeside Spaces

  • Trillium Resort & Spa

  • Sequel Inn

  • Waupoos Estate Winery

  • Arowhon Pines Resort

Downtown Toronto

  • Hotel Ocho

  • Oretta Restaurant

  • Le Select Bistro

  • Gusto 101

  • Broadview Hotel

  • The Doctor's House

There are so many options but these are great ones to start at dependant on number of guests, budget, and location.

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