Pup Adventure Session | Maddie & Stephanie

This was a session gifted to Stephanie & Maddie from a friend that truly believes in how awesome her friend is for taking in a rescue pup. Stephanie was awesome for bringing in this adult pup from her rescue. Why? Well, without knowing all the reasons why, but Maddie was a part of a family for all of her child and adult years. So why did her family give her up? We will never know. And it happens, life happens! Life can change. The dog can change and I get that there are so many reasons why people have to give their pup up. And thanks to shelters and rescues, they are there for YOU when you need an option or a helping hand.

It was until 4 years ago that Maddie's family gave her up. Stephanie took this confident lady in and gave her a loving home. I guess that's the sad part about saving a life, you'll never know there full story and what hardships they've been through, but it's heartwarming to know there are people like Stephanie out there that see the joy and happiness those pups can bring to their lives. Steph & Maddie taking the world by storm!

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