Easter Pet Photos - Meet The Artist Event

MEET THE all about meeting others in the pet community! And not just as someone who posts on Instagram, or sets up bright lights to photograph your pups. But as someone that likes to create something new with your furry family as my inspiration. I know I know... I sound all "artsy".... but it's the truth. I love to create environments for your pup to shine, feel comfortable, and have some fun with us. So I hope you are able to make it to my one-day-event to Meet the Artist.

Although the online world is amazing (don't get me wrong, I love it and love participating in it) I wanted to interact with those who love taking photos of their pets, and do that in a more intimate setting. A one-on-one session where I get to meet you and your pup! So why not give some fresh Easter photos while we are there.​

At this Meet the Artist I was joined by the sweetest pups and their parents. This first Meet the Artist I hosted was a contest based INVITE ONLY event where I got to photograph pets I had been wanting to meet but hadn't had the opportunity to yet. It was a great day filled with 30 min sessions around the Easter Theme and Lifestyle Photos of my style. Here are the amazing results and pups involved! Thank you all again for joining me for this amazing event!

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