Disney World Getaway for 2

Owning what you love. Whether that be a favourite pass time activity, person, or guilty pleasure. Growing up there are always things that we might have been embarrassed by that we loved or were secretly obsessed with. Disney is my one thing that I didn't OWN that I ALWAYS loved. I gained the attitude that I didn't care what people might have thought about all the Blurays I collected, the amount of times I went to Disney World or the fact that I completely loved going to the theatre by myself to see movies like COCO it's opening week. I am so grateful that I have the flexibility to take off on vacations that I love, that I have someone in my life that also has the eagerness to see the world, and that I am able to save my pennies for a trip as amazing as going to Disney World.

I wanted to share our highlights for you here. It was seriously one of the best trips and if you have any questions of wanting to know details about our trip, let me know! I would be happy to answer.

Here are some of my favourites:

  • Park - Magic Kingdom and Diagon Alley (Universal Studios)

  • Attraction - now this one is hard.....but I always love The Tower of Terror and Frozen Ever After.

  • Resort - Art of Animation

  • Show - that would be between the Firework Show at Magic Kingdom, Fantasmic, AND THE PARADE!

  • Secret about the park - I love that there are hidden Mickey's all over the park if you know where to look.

  • One thing I was impressed with - Pandora in Animal Kingdom, they really outdid themselves.

  • One thing you have to do while there - see the Firework Show at the Magic Kingdom. And you have to see Diagon Alley if you are a fan of Harry Potter.

  • One of my favourite moments - was seeing James be unexpected by everything in Disney World.

  • Best Advice before visiting Disney World - get on the Disney App and get your Fast Passes as soon as you can. You will save yourselves hours at the park and it's FREE!

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