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One day, 3 sessions, no problem! Well unless you are in this heat-wave of July. Lots of sweat (literally) went into this one and I couldn't be happier with this experience. A huge THANK YOU to my small town neighbours who are so encouraging of my pet photography and having their pups be a part of them. This was all to support Canadian based businesses promote their products and give them fresh content with Street Dog Marketing. Something I have been getting more into and more demand for, so the wait is over! And with that, ATTENTION all Canadian Pet Companies! I will absolutely be slipping into DMs with some amazing offers.

There are so many reasons why I love to support Canadian Businesses who stand for something great. That's where I see my business making a difference in this world. Whether it's for the well being and health of your pup or to feel good and bring some joy to your pup, I want to be part of that experience.

Evergreen Content

I wanted to come up with a package that worked best for companies to have evergreen content. What do I mean by this? Content that lives beyond just posting once. Content that has a "shelf life" beyond just the season we're in. It's great to have current products and messages that are relevant and fresh but it's also important to have more than just 1 purpose for posting. This package is intended for you to build off of as a great foundation for your brand. One great way I like to do this.....

Content Videos

Yes this package has both photo and video content. As a photographer and videographer I see strength in both types of content. Whether you're using it for social media or for your website videos they always a very easy way to show WHO you are and WHAT you're offering the fastest. With any pup their movement tells a lot about who they are.

You can see all my Pet Session Videos on my Youtube Channel here.

Photos (of course!)

And of course all sessions have photos included. I like to have a 3 part structure to any session that I do. Whether it's in the same location and setting, I like to think of every session as a way to get a lot of variety of photos. For a typically Pet Session for example:

  1. Actions Shots

  2. Pup Portraits

  3. Family Portraits

This gives every client a variety of images that ALL showcase their pups personality. This is very important to me and the work I love to produce. There's nothing more satisfying than having a variety of photos where your pup ACTUALLY looks like themselves with all their corky faces you know and love.

So without further ado, I am offering CANADIAN PET COMPANY PACKAGES that I am so excited to be offering.



If you have any questions for me and want to learn more I would love to chat with you! You can email me directly or fill out the form on my website here.

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