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We wanted to head to the Scarborough Bluffs but realized we would be in 50min traffic to get there and get back. We thought, "well at least we'll have to time to chat and we'll get whatever we can before the sun goes down."

A lady car date? Is that a thing? ...... I cannot tell you how important that car ride was to me.

A couple weeks ago I met someone know. Social media brought us together and I was so excited to hear about her journey within the photography world.

What I didn't expect was to ACTUALLY meet someone (yes in the flesh and not through a computer screen) who saw the industry, women, challenges, and the world the same way. Shannon Laliberté Photography is someone I would call my doppelganger (noun: an apparition or double of a living person). Truly, it was like our lives were the same. From our passion as photographers, to hard heart-breaks of our pasts, to father daughter trips with our dads... almost anything and everything matched up. In today's world it's hard to make friends that really understand what you do in your career.... who truly GET IT. I'm so lucky to have met you girl.

Thank you for collaborating with me and giving me your talent and time.

Oh....and she's a total babe!

She's also a rockstar who traveled to Mexico this month to help boss ladies like herself during a retreat. Taking their portraits while she was there she had nothing but AMAZING things to say about her experience when we met up last night. Learning more and more about herself, what goals she wants to set for herself moving forward, and changing the things that in her life from good to great.

Sound simple right?

Well if you are an entrepreneur like us you will understand the struggle to make something ordinary and make it extraordinarily ours. In any case this lady is doing it one step at a time, something I admire about her.

Here's what she stands for:

My goal is to run a business that inspires female empowerment by using what I've learned about photography. As a portrait photographer I am the most inspired capturing the radiance that a women possesses when she is in pursuit of her dreams and mirroring it back to her in a series of photographs. I go into every shoot with the vision of creating imagery that will amplify her confidence and make her feel unstoppable.    

She even had an Henry's Spotlight. Watch it NOW! #HenrysSpotlight

Thanks again for collaborating with me on this crazy day of driving and bringing the smoke bombs to help us push our creative portraits.

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