5 Reasons Why you should Hire a Professional Pet Photographer

When looking to hire a professional photographer there is a ton of choices. Photography is a popular art form and with digital technology a lot of people have learned how to use a camera. The difference is that I genuinely love animals. I have had a dog in my household my entire childhood. I am a dog walker during the core hours of my day, and I have what I like to call my "DOG RADAR." I noticed this as my boyfriend and I would go on walks in the city I would notice a dog coming from miles away and always be interrupting our conversation with, "oooo look at the fluffy guy." I think he gets my MILD obsession with doggos. Yes, doggos!

More importantly it was something I fell into during my photography journey. I honestly didn't think my obsession with pets would reflect into my career, which is why I know I had to do it. Taking on more dog photography sessions I couldn't help but think this was a match made in heaven. Taking photos of pets fills my heart.

So when it comes to WHY you should give me an hour of your time to give you these memorable photos of your pet, do you ask yourselves these questions:

  • You haven’t mastered holding your dog in place with one hand and operating your iPhone with the other.

  • Your black dog looks like a black blob, even when you take a picture of him in bright sunlight.

  • You try to get your dog’s attention for a picture so you call her name. Of course, she comes to you. 

  • You want a beautiful large wall portrait and your iPhone isn’t up to the task.

  • You want to be in the picture too and holding your phone out at arms length just isn’t good enough.

  • You went to a regular portrait photographer and they didn’t know what to do with your dog.

If any of these sound like you I promise the next 3 minutes of your life reading my reasons why are worth it! AND a look into my resent puppy shoot with a Iggy named Joey.

1. Photography Takes Skill

I know that a lot of us phone users think that since we have a camera on our phones that makes us "photographers". Well I hate to break this to you but there is a lot of thought and practise that go into getting those memorable shots when you look at a professional photo. Believe me! I am sure you have some perfect photos of your pup on the photo that you will always cherish and have. I sure do! Especially the ones with their tongs hanging down after a gulp of water. But those photos don't capture every single whisker, every eye lash, every brown hair, or the details of their paws. All things that make your pet THEM.

Or you try something like a family photo and this happens...... Ok, you got your tripod, you got your camera set on timer. You push the button and now you have 10 seconds to get both parents looking at the camera instead of the kids. Get the kids looking at the camera instead of the dogs. And the dogs looking at the camera instead of the bird, the squirrel, and the grass. And don’t forget to smile. So even if you’re pretty good with a camera consider getting on the other side of it for a frame-worthy, polished family portrait. See, these things aren't so easy and I always encourage pet owners to be present in our session with their fur babies.

2. The Puppy Stage Is Short

We all melt when looking at photos of puppies. It's the sweetest thing ever and we all wish we could have a puppy again. You may have had a puppy once, but you barely remember it because the puppy grows so fast! The beautiful pictures of little and clumsy animals, sleeping or playing, with great light, keeping all the details and the softness. High end photography is hard to achieve with iPhones and those types of photos don't do justice to your dog at all.

You’ll want to capture this moment so that you will be able to remember it when your friend becomes an adult and eventually a senior. This is the sweetest and most innocent phase of your pet’s life, and before you realize it, it will be gone. So the sooner you immortalize it in photography, the better.

3. Pets are a part of our Family

Of course when the moment strikes and your phone is the closest camera you have to capturing that moment, then go for it! I know I have my fair share of phone photos of these adorable fur balls. But let's be real, once you take that photo with your phone what happens to it? Pets are our family and I'm sure we all have at least one photo of our family printed and plastered on the wall or in a picture frame. Why not have our pets (which let's be real are WAY more adorable than any human I know!) up on our walls to look back on and take us back to that moment. Each pet has their own personality, whether your cat sleeps all day, chases squirrels up trees or sleeps on your face to wake you up they are ALL different. Dogs too! The real life moments of WHO they are should be captured and plastered right next to that family photo on your wall.

4. Animals Don't Last Forever

This one's a tough one. People will come up to me and say "Oh I love the photos, I need photos of my dog!" and every now and then someone walks up and says "wow I wish I had met you a few months ago before my pet crossed the rainbow bridge, I only have some cell phone photos." This is heart breaking to me there isn't anything I can say that would make a difference. The best representation of your family pet comes from hiring a professional pet photographer. The final photos have so much detail that you can see every single whisker, and clump of hair. This is a great way to always have a clear memory of your pet! 

5. It can Become Art!

Yes! Print them! Post them up! There are so many ways that you can have your pet as a piece of artwork in your home. I seriously love when I walk into a clients home and see photos of their family/pets all over their house and think "let's make that bigger and put it next to this door...perfect!" There are also SO many great artists that will take your photos and create art from that too! Prints can be small or large but who doesn't want to walk home and see their best friend's furry face on the wall?

Someone I would highly recommend is someone who has captured my pets to their personality perfectly! I sent her professional photos from our shoot and the results were amazing. Look below to what I am talking about..... am I right? I like to think our outlook is the same, to make our photos come alive with our pets personality and accuracy. Find here work here:

I can preach until the cows come home on how much I cherish my pets professional photos and the joy my clients have had from their photos too and I haven't once ever heard of a fur parent regretting having these photos to cherish forever.

Here are some testimonials from my experience:

"Danica did an amazing job and was extremely patient with my 5 month old pup. She had a lot of great shot ideas planned out and they all came out looking so beautiful! I would highly recommend working with Danica to get some great photo memories of you and your furbaby."

"We did the cutest photoshoot with our dog! The pictures turned out great! Can't wait to do another shoot in the future."

And this is JOEY! Take a look at all his greatness!

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