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Ladies! Let's celebrate one another!

But seriously, I cannot tell you how important doing these sessions are as an artist and photographer for the ladies. For lack of a better word it simply SUCKS that we as woman feel shitty about our bodies more often than not. I wanted a way to make my friends feel beautiful while looking at a photo of themselves.

These are 2 out of the 3 Lobzun Woman who joined me on a Self Love Session.

Meagan and Morgan. The oldest and the youngest that unites their family. I have known The Lobzun's since I was a little girl. Always the house down the street Meagan and I came together when we ran in the same friend group in elementary school. Can you believe it? We were such babies. When in highschool Meagan and I found ourselves on the same commuter bus that took us to the next town over. From that moment on she was my best friend. As we grew older together we were never one without the other. If there was a highschool party, a lunch break at school, even rides in when I finally got my full license, those memories are always with Meag. She was always there. And for that I couldn't imagine life without her in it.

We parted ways after high school while we went to different post education. Little time went by when I realized that THIS was the place for Meag. And that next year there we were again, in the same house with our great roommates, taking on University together. Both taking lots of English classes we even got some classes together. Man, the more I think about it there is SO much we've been through and I'm so darn grateful for your friendship.

Alrighty, my friendship letter aside these TWO are incredible humans. It was great to peer into the window of their sister bond. As someone who grew up with only a brother it's so beautiful to see how these two have helped shaped each other. This session was during the June - July heatwave, so as I was a wrapping up I asked if there was any photo that they wanted but we missed. Meag proceeded to jump right onto Morgan's back for piggy backs! I say that THAT describes their relationship wrapped up in one photo. Love you guys! And thanks for allowing me to capture your beauty.

What is a Self Love Session?

I like to call my portrait sessions ladies Self Love Sessions. I think there's so much to be said about looking back on our time in our 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s! And feeling great about it. I think over time you get more and more exposed to the beauty industry that you either tune it all out or embrace it. I would say doing both isn't a bad thing but it's SO crazy to see some ads STILL IN 2020 preaching the crap about how we aren't good enough and that these products will make us perfect.

When I think about the company I want to build with my photography and the images I want to create I am so hyper aware of what my women clients will think of themselves. I want to make them feel safe and reassured that they look as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside.

3 Reasons Why I Do Self Love Sessions

  • It's an excuse to hang out with my friends or people I admire for an hour. I would totally take on models for these shoots too, we're all women of course! It's such a different experience photographing those already comfortable in front of the camera than those who are not. My friends are the people I admire for so many reasons and to give them just ONE reason to see how beautiful they are on the inside reside on the outside is such a fulfilling way to give back to how awesome they are. I cherish all my girl friendships I have and if this makes them feel good then I'll never stop offering it to them.

  • It's the most fulfilling feeling to have clients and friends love at least ONE photo from the shoot because I know that they felt comfortable enough to open themselves up for me to capture their greatness. Sometimes we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our real lives and forget that we're awesome! Self-doubt is everywhere all the time (!) so when we get a second to just be OURSELVES the girl who wakes up every day with dreams and goals and the desire to push herself to be her BEST self..... THAT'S the girl I try and bring out in our sessions. Letting that girl shine in front of my camera! (I know, I'm getting a little emotionally heavy here bare with me!)

  • Reminding ourselves that we all deserve a professional photoshoot. And I don't mean to say this as a photographer but I mean to say this as a woman. We only have one year of being 24, one year to be 65, and so on why not remember ourselves how we are RIGHT in this moment. We do it anyways with social media, updating our selfie game, updating our Instagram posts. Everyone talks about leaving behind a legacy/a purpose and I think we forget that we should celebrate where we are NOW. When I started offering couples sessions to friends to build my portfolio the first comment I would ALWAYS get is "but Danica, we aren't getting married. We don't need engagement photos or photos of us." And my response was always "Why the heck not!?"

Why should we need a reason to capture great memories in professional photos? Why does it have to be a birthday or a wedding or an engagement to have these great photos we are proud of. And that matter just us! We don't need to have a significant other to be fulfilled. Heck no!

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