The Toronto Terrier - Types of Pet Photography Sessions

I had the pleasure of meeting Beans and her amazing momma at the Toronto's Bark and Park Show and always remembered them. We had a great shoot in High Park Toronto to better highlight Bean's personality and make her shine and I couldn't have been more happy with the photos.

A lot of questions I receive is what exactly happens during sessions. How do I capture their personality and authentic faces for the camera? And how do I go about picking a session? WHERE DO I START? That's a totally valid question, a question I get all the time! How do sessions work differently with pets? The simply answer, they aren't that much different. I approach all sessions the same, ready to capture my subjects true self by creating a safe environment they can BE themselves in. Simple as that. I love to take your pups outside and have them running in all their glory! But I also love coming into your home, why? That's what your pet best knows and is comfortable in, the smells, their toys, their family, all will be familiar and calm in order for me to create that environment.

I've recently opened up loft sessions where we can explore a space together in a beautifully lit loft to best showcase you and your furry family. For these sessions I dedicate an entire hour of shooting in order to accommodate for your pets needs first. Here's what those sessions look like:

What to expect in a Loft Session with your Pet

  • we arrive in the space, unpack, and have your pup get some treats (bring them hungry!)

  • we go ahead with photos of YOU and your partner or family that has come together. In this time your pet is welcomed to walk around freely, smell, sniff, (and hopefully not mark their territory. Oops!) as they get familiar that this is a safe space.

  • we them bring them into the session with you. Having them rest where they are most comfortable.

  • pup check! Before getting into some more portraits of just your pet we check and see if they need some food (which I love taking photos of them chowing down too) or a potty break.

  • pet portraits! This includes lifestyle images within the loft that best showcases them. I also bring an option for those Instagram-worthy white or black backdrops too so you have photos with longevity.

  • Now, if your pup is a snow lover than more the better! We can always go outside for our session. My personal favourite High Park! There are so many paths and off leash areas that we can really get their energy up and grab those timeless shots. Yes tongue out and all! For Beans we had a fall session. Being well aware that Beans isn't a lover of the cold breezy coming in on this day I was quick to grab my shots and make sure she was okay as we captured her photos. For her session I brought props and we used leaves to help Beans feel like she can shine her true puppy self for the camera. And it totally worked!

This was one of the first times I brought the superhero cape out too! This sparked the beginning of the super pup sessions. It's important to say that whatever your pup is comfortable with will be the best photos. In Bean's session she was fine with us having the cape tied to her as we lifted it up and down to the right effect. But the second your pup isn't "cool with it" and feels like we have invaded their comfort we simply try something else. Even getting them to run around again and trying a second time if your heart is set on the shot.

I'm not about forcing your pup into costumes and having them parade around ashamed. First of all your pet is going to just look scared and uncomfortable and it's going to set the session back too. It's almost like we have to press "restart" on the session and gain their trust back again. I am so hyper-aware of my camera and it's presence that it won't help anyone if they are already uncomfortable. I do SERIOUSLY love your pet and want them to look amazing, which sometimes just requires a muddy puddle and a ball. Am I right?

Thanks again to the amazing Beans and her momma for coming out to The Beach Toronto to explore some different puppy portraits to add to their already amazing collection that you can find here!

And be sure to check out Bone and Bread (Bean's Momma's amazing business) to pimp out your pup in the best Toronto Swag!

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