Toronto Sunset Engagement Session | Danielle & Connor

My friends are getting married and I got to capture their love through my lens. It means everything to me that these two lovers trusted me to capture their intimate moments. Connor knew the most beautiful spots to take us, and I cannot believe how much I love these photos.

Looking back on this session I cannot tell you what this session meant to me as a creative. It was the moment I proved to myself that I COULD DO THIS. All the amazingly talented artists I follow on the world-wide-web were producing amazing sessions just like this one. It was the best way for me to surprise myself and build that confidence that in time built my foundation for this business.

3 Pieces of Advice I would give to anyone wanting to discover their capabilities that I am so darn glad I did for this session:

1) Ask your Friends to Pose for you.

I remember my first clients I was so nervous and so shaking knowing that they were paying me money to produce amazing photos of a very important time in their life. I am so glad these two besties were willing to trust me and have fun with me. I've know Danielle & Connor since University and I couldn't have had better models for my first unofficial session. It was great because it felt like we were just adventuring together and I happen to have a camera to document it all.

2) Go to a Private Outdoor Space.

I know this seems like an obvious one but there are many places to take photos. Let's be real! You can have a cozy session or be at an event or wherever. Even if it's their backyard have somewhere private where you can explore and really feel free. You don't want to be confined or feel like you're impeding on someone's space. You're already trying to figure out your skillset and pose humans for the first time. This will make it so much easier on yourself.

3) Have 3 things your want to capture.

Yes, do your research. See what photos you've absolutely loved and want to recreate. Yes, of course, go with the natural movement of the session. For me, it wasn't until I did the sunflare photo (the silhouette) when I realized that I could do this. It's a weird (and quick) way to see that you just as GOOD or if not BETTER than what you think people like. I think this is a huge brain challenge as you grow: always comparing yourself to others. Prove that you have your own style and look that can show up right next to anyone else's work and they are all beautiful in their own way. Again another weird way that I was able to build my own confidence.

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