Toronto Evergreen Brickworks Couples Session

Their love story started in a plant store. She was working and he was a customer. After many visits in she thought "I have to meet this guy," and one day when he was in she did JUST THAT. And the rest was history. Before the session I like to ask my couples a little back story about their relationship, how they met, what's their ideal date night..... and when I asked about their PDA level, they answered with a YES! You could imagine how excited I was to meet them this night at Toronto Evergreen Brickworks for their Couples Adventure Session. To know that they aren't shy around one another is always something I can work with and bring out within every shot of our shoot

What to expect on a Couples Adventure Shoot with Danica Oliva Photography.

Well first off, we have fun and get dirty! Not THAT dirty...... but shoes off, lots of movement, and laughs! There are so many things I get you to do that require no restrictions from clothing and footwear that I always encourage my couples to read my Outfits Blog to make sure they feel most comfortable and confident in front of my camera.

The most comfortable you are the better it is for everyone

I'm not joking when I say I strive for the authentic moments, to build a collection that best tells your love story. In order to do that it's up to ME to have the both of YOU feel your most comfortable selves. I am so flexible when it comes to things that AREN'T working to. If there's a movement I am describing and you're both looking at each other like, "What the heck!" then let's go for something else. It's about YOU STORY not what I WANT. I think that's where other photographers can struggle. Going into every session I am there to serve your relationship not for you to serve my vision. That's the one thing I love about this type of art form! It's very give-and-take, if I am able to give you my best self then in return you are able to feel comfortable to let me in.

Here is the adventure we took that evening!

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