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I have been loving this #communityovercompetition movement that is here to stay in our 2020 world. Coming together with other amazing talents in my area is such an important part about being an artist. It's great to come together, create something new, see what works best for others, and just have a good time doing what we all love the most.

The biggest question I get asked is Why Pets? And my answer is always "I literally have the best job ever because not only is your pupper a huge part of your family, but they get to have their own "close ups" and I find they're the most popular photo to be printed up on your wall." They make the best artwork in my personal opinion.

There are so many kind and amazing things I could say about these ladies, but instead I asked them questions and here are their answers.

Mel from Mellem Photography

What got you into photography? When did you first start?

If I had the words to tell a story or describe emotion, I wouldn't need to lug my camera around. I've always had an interest in the visual arts, and often had a camera strapped around my wrist in high school. I enjoy getting my hands dirty being in the middle of it all, and that is what completes the photography equation. Since then, I've documented everything; capturing candids, laughter, happy memories, and those treasured almost missed moments.

I started my company almost 8 years ago focusing on event photography. Fast forward to a year ago when I realized I can combine the two passions in my life, animals and art. I've been photographing my dog, Dawson, for over 2 years, and decided to share my vision with other like minded pet owners.

What is your favourite subject to photograph right now?

I enjoy capturing the moments at events when everything around is chaotic and overwhelming. I am the one behind the scenes, dodging between the crowds, in all the hustle & bustle. When everyone else is focused on the event, the food, the people; I am the one capturing the animals, the expressions, the memories.

What would you wish to capture more?

In the next year, I've decided to take my lens to the great outdoors and photograph animals outside of the traditional studio style setting. I've had the pleasure of capturing cats in the comfort of their own homes and helped an anxious dog feel more at ease in a secluded backyard. It's critical that I understand the character of any animals I photograph, and to find a spot where they would be most comfortable. This makes for the most real, honest, and frame-worthy photographs.

Why Pet Photography?

In combing my love of event and pet photography, I’ve found my niche. I love seeing animals in their element, capturing their smiles, the fun antics and outtakes; but most especially watching their proud parents beaming be it in the photo, or behind the lens.

I love capturing the essence of the animals as their pet parents see them daily. I love seeing the glow of their smile, tapping into what means most to them. I love when they show me every element of their character, what makes them tick, what makes their tails wag, and their eyes sparkle.

What do you love most about photography collaborations?

Meeting people, supporting one another in our craft, and building relationships. Not every one vision is the same. I love to capture what it feels like, not what it looks like. With the right team, practice makes perfect.

Snow from Snow It All Pets

Pet photography has been a really fulfilling and fun activity that has not only made me feel insanely happy, but has also introduced me to some amazing people. I'm really excited for more adventures with these two ladies & the many things that we can learn from each other.

What got you into photography? When did you first start?

The first time I recall picking up a camera for-real was when I was twelve. It was a school project where we had to create a photo presentation of something (anything!) that we cared deeply for. In my case, it was my goldendoodle puppy named Caicos. I picked up my mom's Panasonic camera with ACTUAL FILM (without asking, I'll admit) and started snapping photos of Caicos until I finished the entire roll of film. In case anyone was wondering, my presentation was definitely the cutest!

Fast forward 15 years, and I am still interested in photography and have since picked up a camera to take photos of food, travel, landscapes, family - pretty much anything I could get my hands on. It wasn't until I finally got my own little pup, Daisy, that I turned onto pet photography as Daisy quickly became my new muse.

What is your favourite thing to photograph right now?

Lately, I've been really into photographing dog's noses and their whiskers - pretty much any close up of their features. Those type of shots feel so intimate and just make me happy when I see them.

What do you want to shoot more of?

This year I really want to shoot more photos of pets with their families. Incorporating more people into my portfolio has been something I've been wanting to do for a little while. It'd also help me practice directing people in front of the camera, which is something that I'm still getting used to.

Why Pet Photography? What's your favourite part about it?

The love of pets! I love meeting others who feel the same way about pets & animals as I do, and honestly, it just makes me happy to photograph them too. Not to mention the excuse to play with all the doggos!

What do you love most about photography collaborations?

The best part about photography collaborations - besides hanging out with some really cool people - is how interesting it is to see how another photographer chooses to shoot the same subject. Plus it's just nice to geek out a bit with people you know feel the same way as you about dogs & photography!

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