Toronto Bride Getting Ready Photos

Deciding on earthy tones, delicate details, authentic emotion, and a loft location. I was super excited to join the vendors I admire in this amazing shoot. This shoot started with the designs of White Studio Bridal, her designs were everything I would ever want in a wedding gown. I really focused on the styles of her dresses and created a dream list of elements I wanted in this shoot.

Growing up I wasn't really a little girl that had her ideal wedding planned. Taking on this world of wedding planning and all the details that are included, I questioned if this was really the right place for me. I had the preconceived idea about the type of person that plans weddings. After meeting other photographers, seeing the types of weddings happening in the modern day, and being witness to the best couples I have had the pleasure of photographing, I have found a new meaning of weddings that I never had growing up. I see so much beauty, emotion, authenticity, and heartfelt work being put into this special celebration where two people are joined together forever. The only person I can really relate to would be the bride, naturally. And in all seriousness it's one of the most beautiful times in a woman's life, to see her as a bride is something I didn't think would make me see an individual this way. What I mean by this is the confidence, independence, individual style, and representation can all be framed in her wedding photo. It's almost like a wedding is a good reason to put on the most beautiful outfit one's always dreamed of, have your real beauty showcase through attributes that better frame who she really is, not make her WHAT she is; a bride. So in this case, not only has the meaning of wedding changed for me but also what it is to be a bride for powerful women.

Taking on a styled shoot I wasn't sure where to start. But the more I focussed on what the bride should represent I thought "what will benefit and frame the beauty she already has", not what do I need for my checklist of things to include in a photograph. It was creative, refreshing, liberating, and worth it. I am so happy with the outcome of this shoot. It felt so fulfilling walking away from this shoot, and I hope everyone involved felt the same way. I can't wait to have an excuse to work with this team again.

With that I believe in #communityovercompetition. I have called out each vendor below with all their information. If you like what you see, go give them some love!

All photos taken at Studio Bon Soleil.

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