Self Love with Jesseka | Toronto Portrait Photography

This is Jesseka! She's a fellow photographer killin' it in the world by being herself, shining bright, and always being a great friend. She's not only become a friend to me but an amazing person I look up to. My favourite conversations with Jess are all about dreaming big. She's probably the best hype-girl I've ever talked to. It's one of those people you meet where you click right away. I felt super close with Jess after the first wedding we came together on. And every since she's always my first call whenever I need help.

Okay, now to the fun part! Feedback is a great way for me to grow my business and make every session the best it can be. Do you remember those Cosmopolitan awful magazines we would get sucked into? And those quizzes that really meant nothing but we're super fun to fill out? Well I wanted to do this for my ladies but to ask more deep questions and real questions instead. So below you'll find Jesseka's answers to all these questions.

I hope you can feel her shine through these photos and I hope maybe something she filled out on the questionnaire is something you can relate to. We're all in this together and I'm so excited to be offering these sessions! EEEEK!

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