Self Love Session with Catherine

Are your hearts ready for this one guys?! This is the strong and beautiful Catherine. We first met at a wedding in downtown Toronto as I was the photographer and she was a guest that also performed with her beautiful vocal cords during the reception. I remember seeing her presence online and completely fell in love with what she stood for. It was beyond a pleasure to capture her shine through our session together.

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Before our session...

I wanted to make sure Catherine was the most comfortable she could be. We had lots of conversation back and forth through Instagram about what to wear, what the "looks" would be, and how she was pretty comfy in front of the camera. It's crazy to me but I didn't realize how many ladies I don't have in front of my camera who completely come out and tell me this before their session. I always make sure they feel comfortable enough to let me in and let me see their real selves. Catherine being completely vulnerable and super excited to be in front of a camera, which I know a lot of us are super nervous about, had me so excited to really take on this challenge on.

Boudoir sessions?

I've been asked a few times "do you do boudoir sessions?" This is something I've thought about for a really long time. To me, boudoir means "in the bedroom" and if you want to be literal, it's technically what it means. These sessions are very beautiful to offer to women who are comfortable in that setting. But I want y sessions to be beyond just the bedroom.

I feel like every woman is different and everyone shines in their own way. And a bedroom is a very private place. I want women to feel that they can shine anywhere they go not just in their bedroom in a safe space.

I guess from a photographer's perspective offering sessions in this safe space is a much more appealing way to sell the sessions. Let's be honest, we all have to make a living. I totally get it! But it's something I wanted to offer as a session. That's why they're called self-love sessions, that among many other reasons, and this was a really cool session to mix both the boudoir side of our private selves and the vibrant shine that we want to share with everyone. I can't thank Catherine enough for being the perfect muse for this session. I can't think of anyone else but this would have been perfect for.

The Fierce Catherine

It's fierce ladies like Catherine who really allow me to push my creative limits. We had a quick hour to get through all the photos and all the different looks but I think we did an amazing job together.

Okay, now to the fun part! Feedback is a great way for me to grow my business and make every session the best it can be. Do you remember those Cosmopolitan awful magazines we would get sucked into? And those quizzes that really meant nothing but we're super fun to fill out? Well I wanted to do this for my ladies but to ask more deep questions and real questions instead. So below you'll find Catherine's answers to all these questions.

I hope you can feel her shine through these photos and I hope maybe something she filled out on the questionnaire is something you can relate to. We're all in this together and I'm so excited to be offering these sessions! EEEEK!

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