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I am proudly a Pet Friendly Business that not only encourages you to bring your pup to every session but I offer sessions JUST for you and your pup. I know there are many of you that already know I offer this service so I won't go on and on about that, but I do want to share the amazing sessions that happen with your pup. Being a Pet Photographer is such a pleasure that I have so much satisfaction from that I couldn't possibly give it up. I personally love being around your pet, drool and all!, and I seriously embrace all the moments with your pet.

When I first decided to take on Pet Photography as an additional service I wanted to learn everything and meet everyone in this community. Instagram was my ticket and I started seeing what other services in the Toronto area were doing. Lots of studio styled, beautifully lit photographs of pups with stylish outfits and goofy faces. Even people getting those great action shots as you pup runs across the beach. I seriously commend and love the work I see from other creatives in the city. But my journey is a little bit different, and maybe not something you've seen before in the pet community....

If you know my work I take a lot of photos of couples making out, of ladies in wedding dresses, and love stories of couples. My tones are earthy and my shadows are dark. I even like to bring some artistic double exposures when the time calls for it. When I was researching what was out there in our community for your pet in photos I saw a lot of studio work (that is beautiful!) and I wasn't sure if I would fit in with my style I already established. I quickly realized that my style is something that is carried out in whatever I do. That capturing someone's authentic love story was the same storytelling journey of any pups family. That capturing a pups authentic self was a special way to capture someone's furry family like never before. Once I realized that my style was something that was missing in the pet photo-taking community I started falling in love with Pet Photography and wanted to offer it right away!

What's your style for pet photography?

With all that said I do get the question of “how would you describe your style?” and confidentially this goes for every project I have. In short my style is:

  • earthy and organic. I never want to force an emotion or feeling that isn't real in order to get a great shot. For those small moments and little expressions are what make you YOU. What makes your pet THEM.

  • authentically you. Whatever it is your feeling, however you show up in the world, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, I am there to capture YOU. Which goes for your pet! If they are a senior with low energy, or a puppy with no listening skills, THAT'S who they are in that season of life and THAT'S what I'm there to capture.

  • location is based on what speaks to you. For pets especially I do a lot of in home sessions that we take outside. A park close by or your backyard, your pup is most comfortable in their home with their people, their things, their smells, their routine. To get them in their most comfortable state of mind is always best in your home if your home is open to it. But if your pup is more adventurous and LOVES being outside then let's adventure. Take them to a place they haven't been before, let them run down the beach, go to High Park and lay in the grass. Whatever your pup needs is where we will go.

Now, about these photos! If you have been with me for awhile you will recognize this sweetie. It's Arlo! And her amazing parents who are expecting a baby girl! I had the pleasure of walking Arlo last year as her dog walker. I got to watch her grow, learn her habits, and make a new friend with Lucy, Arlo's neighbour, as we walked together. It was sad when I didn't have a little bit of Arlo in my everyday anymore but it's a sweet silver lining when I get to have them in front of my camera for an amazing experience. Congratulations on your baby news!

Here is an example of the Cozy Session we brought to the loft!

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