Pet Adventure Session | Frankie Style

One of the amazing sessions that I love doing most are Mutts & Moms! As a dog momma myself I cherish every decent photo I can get with my little Moira. Something that's so hard to get sometimes based on how she's feeling and what kind of time we have to grab the shot. That's why I wanted to offer something JUST for the dog momma's out there that want those memory lasting photos that 1. actually look like themselves and not a filter mess, and 2. having their pupper be present and in the moment with them.

Frankie and Jennifer were amazing to have on this beautiful fall day. The weather wasn't too hot that little Frankie couldn't bare it and the location of Evergreen Brickworks gave us lots of opportunity to have a great experience. There's nothing worse than having a location that is confined. There is so much room to move around with the pressures of too many people.

If you want to know more about my Mutts & Mom's Sessions I am including it in my Pet Photography Bundle 2020 just for you!

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