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Hey everyone! This is going to be a little different of a blog post. I want first share this amazing session below and then get into some advice on what kind of vendors to include for your small wedding or elopement.

Siobhan & Jeff's Elopement Session was a bit of a hybrid of sessions. I love to offer Adventure Sessions to document whatever adventure you'd like. This can be families, pets, couples, or just you! Though when I heard Siobhan & Jeff's wedding was being affected by COVID I knew I wanted to do something special for a session. Opting into a small wedding with close family and friends within the guidelines of course, I wanted to give them an additional time to get together and really create a sessions that was THEM. Hearing that they lived up by Tobermory and that they loved being in nature I knew I had to make the journey to see the beauty they were talking about.

Picking Lion's Head Provincial Park Siobhan knew the perfect trail to the lookout that would make for an amazing experience. And to be honest, these are some of the best sessions when collaborating this way because they know these trails so well and love to be out here. It brings so much more meaning to them and I couldn't have been happier to make this happen.

A huge shoutout to my momma who came along for this road trip and assistance on the session. Selfishly it was a cool experience to share what I love to do most with the people I love most. She's the best! See what she grabbed from behind the scenes here.

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Keep reading for more tips on Vendors for your Small Wedding!

Whether you're a couple that's affected by COVID and having to downsize your plans or you're someone that has always pictured a smaller wedding, this is for you! And let's be real, maybe you have a tight budget and want to invest in a smaller wedding that doesn't involve A LOT of different expenses.

You’ve booked your photographer, but what’s next? Even if you're hosting a Small Intimate Wedding there are a few things that I would definitely incorporate for an amazing experience and make you feel more beautiful than you already feel. Here are a few of my personal favourites and why I think they should be the few vendors that are involved in your plans.


I have found that videography has either been an essential from day one or if there's budget left will want a little something added. It's either one or the other. As a videographer I can't stress enough how much you will want this. It's one of those things that couples who don't have video coverage for their day wish they had and those who have it cherish it MORE than they thought they would. And for this reason I myself have incorporated a package that's just one videographer and a sizzle reel highlighting all the best moments into a beautiful edit. Every elopement is different and to capture your memories in one video, is something you both will not regret.


Something that I think makes any session or elopement feel more elevated for photos. Not that it's all about "looking the part," for that's FAR from what I mean about adding flowers. Whether your partner loves to add in extra details or not, this is the ONE thing that I think goes with any attire no matter how big or small your celebration is. I have been a part of elopements and elopement sessions and let's be real something you don't know where to put your hands! Or where to pose! I find this helps with props like florals. Plus they look and smell amazing!


This is something I get asked the most, BUT WHAT DO WE WEAR? For elopement sessions we can go into alot of different directions with the session. We can have a portion of the session in regular clothes and then change into something more wedding bound. Or we can go into it with your dream wedding attire! Here are some staples to go by:

  • Choose Classy rather than Trendy - this is something that will really make everything feel timeless no matter what you wear. When it comes to bridal gowns and attire that is totally up to you, but when it comes to accessories or an alternative outfit it best to keep things simple.

  • Keep your colours neutral - colours that are cool or pastel look really great on camera. Although it you want to make a bold statement and pull out a piece for a second look I am DOWN to make that happen. It will give you lots of variety for your full gallery.

  • Wear clothes that feel like you - there's nothing worse than wearing something that just doesn't fit right or feel right. Believe me this will transpire into your photos. The more comfortable you are the better. But that doesn't mean you can pull out the flip flops and sweatpants. Again, you want clothes that feel like you.


I think it goes without saying that you're going to need someone to marry you. If you have a friend that is ordained I think that is always the best. Not only do they really know YOU and your STORY but you're going to have someone you love there in your small setting. Though there are many couples that are seeking alternative options like getting married at the courthouse, doing the paperwork, then having a small wedding or elopement to share the personal vows and exchange their rings.

Keep reading for my personal recommendations for the TORONTO and LONDON area!

Small Weddings doesn’t mean you should skip on the details. The right vendors can help you create an incredible wedding day.

Danica Oliva Preferred Small Intimate Wedding Vendors

Toronto Local

Eksena Films – Video is such a special way to preserve and share your elopement day, and Lindsay & Dennis make a great team. Working alongside them this summer I had a blast and great flow with these two as we weaved with one another to capture all the special moments your wedding will have. |

Ashley Forsyth Designs – A lifetime ago Ashley and I were roommates? Now if living together didn't prove how much we like to be together than I don't know what will. Seriously though, this girl has a great eye for what's current, what works best for your wedding, and giving you all of her heart. |

London Local

Holly Yvonne – Holly make a great team and each time I know it's going to be a great experience. She sets high expectations and delivers amazing and truthful work. Holly is all about being in the moment and giving you the best experience. I look forward to working with her again.

Floral Occasions – After seeing their creations for one of my summer bride's I couldn't get over the variety they offered. Working with them again for this Elopement Session (photos provided) I couldn't have been more happy with the results. They are great about getting things to you in a timely manner and deliver within the area.

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