Lovers Session in St. Lawrence Market | Chelsea & Justin

Being able to do what I love for great people is a blessing. But being able to do it for long time friends of mine is beyond what I could have ever hoped for in a job. Justin and I go way back to High School days in our small town Ontario. Running in the same friend group we tackled classes together, prom, graduation and the life changing trip to Italy our final year.

After a well overdue catch up with our partners we took it to the streets. To see my friends so darn happy with a partner that is as equally as awesome is a pleasure for me. Knowing how happy he is is one thing. Seeing their love shine through my camera is another. Seriously, these two were nothing but great fun on this chilly day in November. I am so happy for you both, that you both found each other, have built a life together, upkeep a home of your own, and take every adventure in stride. You guys are THE example of a healthy relationship. Thanks for visiting Toronto and stepping out with James and I. We need to make this an annual thing I think.