Lovers & Puppers at Scarborough Bluffs

#loversandpuppers are so much fun for sessions just like this one.

I know it's such a crazy time right now with COVID 19 out there but I'm confident that when this ends (because it will!) that there are going to be an amazing breathe of fresh air. That the parks will start to fill again, that the dog parks become busier, and that Spring/Summer arrives in the best way. I also think that this will be the first time that a lot of us are most thankful that we will be arriving in warmer weather after a time of quarantine.

Isn't that a wild idea? Yes let's celebrate that this will end eventually but have you thought about the fact that it will be warmer soon, with longer days filled with sun? Now that is something I can get behind and count down my days toward. I think it can get a little depressing thinking about all the bad out there. Here's your reminder that you can get excited for some of the brighter months and more days running outside with your pupper.

Thank you to Faye and Chris for meeting me and having an amazing time before things got crazy. It was a beautiful reminder of the earth's cycle around the sun and that we will be feeling that sunny weather soon.