Little House Lover Session | Melissa & Justin

Hey friends, Danica here! I always want to talk from the heart and really show that there's a person behind this business. But today I wanted to talk to you as a photographer running a business. What's the difference? Nothing really but I do want to talk about the ability to create, stay fresh, and serve our clients to the best that we possibly can.


I think sometimes we feel pulled in many different directions. Wearing many hats to make sure our dream job stays afloat. We have to think about marketing, client experience, creation, and always staying fresh. Sometimes the business part can really be overwhelming and time-consuming. Something I've really learned to love and into a positive aspect of my business. I'm always embracing the journey to achieve their goal and not solely the goal itself. With that in mind as a photographer and Creator I always want to be pushing myself and pushing my creations to something I'm very happy with into something that really fulfills me. That's where collaborations it styled shoots coming to play.


I think there's always a pressure to always be showcasing new things, showcasing how much work we're doing. But I think there's lots to be said about quality over quantity. No matter how busy someone is, no matter how much work someone is doing, there's always a time that we need to come back into ourselves as creators and push ourselves. Point blank.


Last fall I took part in an amazing collaboration with some kick butt women in my local area. It was quite honestly.... so refreshing. There was no pressure, wedding season was coming to an end, and I really wanted to have an adventure just for myself. Create & Wander was my answer and it couldn't have come at a better time. A huge thank you to Ally for allowing me to come and create with the team. It was truly blast and I loved pushing myself to create in a safe environment.


Here is the session in the Little House. Like actually, a little house. I myself have never been in one before or experienced a session inside one of these small homes. It was such a fun experience to challenge myself to work within such a small area. It made we think outside the box! I really hope you like these photos as much as I do. From one photographer to another, if you're reading this (!), keep pushing yourself and make the time keep creating for YOU!

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