Hiring the RIGHT Wedding Photographer/Videographer is Crucial

Did you get engaged over the holidays? Maybe starting to "shop around" for the best vendors within budget for your big day? Listen, I get it, weddings are an investment. That is the reality. This day is going to take a lot of preparation, budgeting, planning, and pressure to make happen. And whatever stage of the planning you are at I HEAR YA! There are SO many things to remember, think about, and consider when putting this all together and you're going to need a team behind you. Whether that's someone to help you decide on the perfect dress, selecting food that everyone will love, deciding to add a videographer to your team, or picking the best photographer that fits your vision all decisions matter. But here is why picking the right photographer and videographer are probably one of the biggest decisions you will make for your wedding.

I find that there are so many things that matter so much to brides & grooms that don't need the amount of stress or attention as other things do. Everything adds up and can weigh on you. To have everything perfect on your wedding day.


I am telling you now you have my permission to NOT worry about the small stuff like what type of card stock you need for invites, whether you need a website for RSVPs, if there is a difference with having more flowers or less than needed, if you should bring extra flip flops for late nighters..... seriously those things are not going to be the things you think about looking back on your wedding. Yes they need to be thought out but when you look back on your day you're going to remember the people who made it amazing. And I'm not just talking about all the amazing help you are about to get, but the guests you invite too!

There ARE so many things to think about that seem like a big deal now but I promise you that they are not worth stressing out over. Take a deep breathe and hear me out.

A bias opinion here (full disclosure!) but once your wedding is over you are going to be waiting for your photos and/or video to be finished so you can relive that amazing day over and over again. That's where your vendors importance comes into play here. It's going to be the photos and video that you show to everyone and your future babies. To keep all the memories in their purest vibrancy to look back on. I cannot stress enough the time you should put into selecting the photographer/videographer that is right for you.

With that said, that might not be me. I am all about moody, earthy tones, deeper shadows, and cooler colours. That might not match your vision of airy, light, and pinks! And that's totally fine. There's nothing more acceptable than a potential client explaining that I'm not their ideal style. I'm not going to be for everyone. I will say.... the vendors that you do choose for your wedding are going to be the biggest decisions you will probably make. It's all about who you trust, and a couple of more things.....

The little things matter to complete the day, but the BIG things that matter are the people you share your day with. And trust me, you don't want strangers there that don't align with your dream wedding.

Okay so now what? How do you know if a service and style is right for you? Or whether you are selecting the person that is your best fit. Well here are a few things to ask your services or see within their work:

Style - the first thing I look at is if I genuinely feel something when I look at their photos. Not just "like their photos", because every professional will know how to take a great photo. But see if you feel something in their photos. Do you like how they capture the moments of each couple? Do you like the way they capture the wedding as a whole? Do you like the stories they tell in their description of the couple?

Someone who you genuinely want to hang out with - remember, this is the biggest, most emotional day of your life, you want people who care about you to be there. People you love and people who support you. This includes all your vendors helping to make your day special. Choosing someone to catch the personal moments and all the fun in between should be someone that cares about your love story. Surround yourself with good people...... ALWAYS! So why not treat this the same way for the most important day in your life as a couple. Don't make it complicated.

Options you love - all professionals are running a business. We are trying to cater services that best fit what your needs are. Typically they are created into packages by the amount of time you will need them there for (standard times can range from 6 - 10 hours). From there then you can build what you hope for in a package. Do they have an engagement session included? Do they have a speeches video included?.... it all depends on what you want out of their business too. A shameless plug here (hehe!)

I always include an Engagement Session for Wedding Photography and a Speeches Video for Wedding Videography.

Why? Although most of our conversations will happen via email and phone this is our opportunity to catch up in person before your wedding. It's a chance for you to see who I really am and for me to get a better sense of your relationship. When I show up on your wedding day I don't want to be "the photographer/videographer" I want to be Danica your friend! We're a team! You'll get to see how I work too. Every photographer/videographer has their own methods and personality of shooting. When your wedding day arrives there won't be any surprises that would add to your nerves and excitement already. I'm a person behind the camera and would love for you to see ME, Danica and not just "a photographer/videographer".

"Of all the reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer, the fact that your wedding day will be full of once-in-a-lifetime moments that you’ll want to cherish forever has to be the top! From the first look to the first kiss to the first dance, you want to be sure your photographer not only captures the moments but captures the mood, the energy, and the nuance that makes those moments truly yours. When you hire a professional photographer, you can rest assured all those moments will be brilliantly captured, plus they are going to see and capture all the little moments that you probably didn’t even notice on the day." - Junebug Weddings

There are so many reasons why things should be documented and saved, but more importantly for you to have a positive experience no matter what the day brings.

You put your trust in someone that cares about your marriage, not just the wedding. Your love story is my priority and however that unravels on your wedding day is my focus. It’s about the excitement you have before seeing each other for the first time in your gown, the laughs that make your tummy hurt from all the speeches, the moment your rings are exchanged and you look up at each other and remember all the moments that lead you to THIS day, THE DAY when another adventure begins.

I’m someone who rolls with whatever happens on your wedding day, the good and the messy. Half of my job is to make the day work best for you with whatever you need. And laugh with you when things don’t go according to plan. You need someone on your team that makes you feel at ease going into the day, that when you are in the mix of emotions I'm there so you don't have to worry about anything else.

"Danica specializes in "moody" photography that tells a complete story. She was fun to work with! She plays music off a little speaker, captures candids, is excellent with dogs, has an infectious smile, hilarious one liners and the eye for beauty. She takes such simple, generic settings and creates art. So few photographers have this ability. She doesn't make you pose in awkward positions, we were constantly moving and the photos were absolutely breathtaking. I was wearing a gown and in many of our photos they have an underwater effect with my hair and dress. There's no stiffness or awkwardness in any of the photos, that takes some serious talent! If you want a sensual and intimate twist to your photos I highly recommend her. It is impossible to narrow photos down to even a top 10 (took me 20min to decide which photo to share here) We are gonna need a bigger place for wall space."

If you're a bride or groom liking what you are seeing, I would be honoured to capture your special day. To be the person you trust and rely on is seriously a joy and I wouldn't have it any other way. You can reach me HERE and I look forward to connecting with you and hearing more about your special day :)

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