Engagement Session at Toronto Island

Remember that giveaway on my Instagram this Winter? Well my winners Katie and Kyu were the best couple for the giveaway. We met at the Toronto Ferry Docks before taking the ferry over to Ward's Island and I was greeted with the biggest hugs and big smiles. Newly engaged this past year Katie and Kyu hadn't had their photos taken professionally together yet. I LOVE when I hear this because I know the experience you get with me is super fun and active that I couldn't wait to show them what I do best.

I usually start with this question, "do either of you have any physical constraints or something physically that is sore?" I usually get the best looks because it's kind of like, what the heck did she just ask? Why would she need to know? And soon into any session my couples always see why. In my sessions you will be sweating by the end of it because I get you both to move around so much. And a lot of lifting up and down, running around, and fast movements to make you both feel super goofy.

As I go ahead and explain my style I mention that there is no posing allowed. Only movement prompts and good times together. And that's exactly what we did. It very much, almost always, feels like I am third wheeling your date day. I love it! I want you both to feel as if I'm not even there so you both can feel as authentic as possible.

"Our time with Danica was the best. She made us both feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera, and brought beautiful music to be the soundtrack for the day. It felt like we were in a movie! We loved that she was able to capture a mix of fun and intimate moments throughout the day, and showcase the city where we fell in love. Her photos will be something we treasure forever."

These two had the best proposal story I think I have ever heard. With Katie's sister in on all the clues to hand over from Kyu he created a scavenger hunt that started at their home to her parents house in the GTA. Things like getting their nails together, going to their favorite sushi place for lunch, and ending at her parents house. Months in the making Kyu set up the timing to be around her birthday. Having this planned made Katie thinking that this was for her birthday. It wasn't until the last clue when she had to put letters together to form a phrase that she knew what was going on, "Will you marry me?" Her dad then led her to the backyard where Kyu was waiting for her. She said yes!

Seriously how cute is that story? And all the letters and clues they kept and made a precious scrapbook with them. I was so happy when they brought their scrapbook to our session. Those photos are so precious and something they will cherish forever because not only are they holding those beautiful memories, they are always photographed within the year it happened.

There's something about going through old photos of even my parents "before they were married" that are so beautiful to see. They would have been around my age now and I know those photos are special to me. To be creating those special photographs for someone else is truly why I do this.

Thanks so much for entering my giveaway guys and being the best people for this amazing adventure. I am beyond excited for your future and cannot wait to see what's next. The wedding!

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