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Continuing with your wedding during coronavirus. Thankfully in Ontario Canada we have access to getting tested. THIS IS HUGE! There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to planning a wedding NOT during a pandemic. With COVID here and no idea of when things might change again, it's encouraging to know what we CAN do to make your wedding a dream celebration. I will add that I have had more than a few clients moving forward with their special day and seeing it from a different light.

Here are a few things you can do to get married during COVID:

Everyone can get tested - If you don't want to worry about social distancing or harming anyone around you have everyone get tested days before the wedding. As we know a 14 day isolation should be enforced leading up to the date, and isolation after getting the test while waiting for results. As a photographer that will be working weddings I have been tested already. Although it's daunting at first it is a breeze to get done and have a little more ease when going into a setting like a wedding.

Table Per Family or Quarantined Group - Creating groupings where people are already quarantined together while keep distance between each table is another way to implement physical distancing.

Offering Masks and Sanitizer - This one is obvious but making it easier for everyone to always be following the rules will help when wanting everyone to be protected.

Have a Relief Area - Designate an area where guests can take their masks off if they physical distancing cannot be enforced and masks are needed the entire duration. This will allow your guests to feel more comfortable to take a break from wearing a mask and allow them to take on as much risk as they wish.

This post is created at the end of August 2020, as we know, things can change week by week in this new normal. These tips are of course up to code for this time but hopefully new testing and (bless!) a vaccine will be coming into our close future. But until then we can do what we can within the restrictions set in place. This post is to give hope that you can still get married.

Love is not cancelled! And I can help you make it happen!

AND these magical photos below! These two were amazing, here are the amazing talents that made it happen:

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