Justine & Henrick's Ontario Dundas Peak Elopement

With a wedding planned this summer it was Justine's ultimate dream to elope, or at least have those epic moments with Henrick around this special day. This session was the answer. We took all the elements of an epic-Canadian-elopement and brought them to their engagement session. After meeting these two I couldn't have described a better setting for these adventurers to have their photo taken. Complete with an edge of a cliff, beautiful bouquet, a hand crafted outfit (she put two pieces together herself!), and the best attitudes to explore, I couldn't have asked for a better session. It's another moment as a creative, artist, service, and person, where I have to pinch myself and realize how lucky I am. I cannot wait for their wedding this summer and for all the adventures that are to come for these two beautiful souls.

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I also wanted to take a creative look at this session. It's all about matching my couples desires to what fits THEM the best. Their story, their ultimate dreams, and their union together. There are so many things that as an artist I would love to try (like an elopement inspired engagement session) that when you have people that want to try the same things it's a true match made in heaven.

It wasn't until this year when the weather FINALLY got better in Canada where I wanted to really define my own style. Really feel confident when someone asks me "what style work do you do?" and have a definitive answer right away. What I've come to realize is there is no definitive answer. Sure I am a boutique service (one woman show), sure I like things more moody, candid, and real.... but when it comes to defining my work I have always struggled to give a straight answer. There are so many artists that I loved to fixate on. Wanting to produce their style of work because I admired them so much. Now it's completely different and refresh to finally look at my own work with satisfaction and admiration. Is that a weird, self absorbed, thing to say, that I admire my own work? It feels odd to say but it's true!

So now that this post has turned into a "speaking to the artist talk" I wanted to say that I have been having a complete blast this season leading into wedding season. And it's the PEOPLE that make this happen and really make me cherish the amazing industry I am in. Justine & Henrick, you guys killed it, and I really hope you enjoy these photos of your love story.

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