Content Longevity for Small Businesses - Photography Session

Your small business is probably on social media by now. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc, you're there pumping out your message and image. As a small business a lot of the marketing content has to reveal YOU, the person behind the brand. And let's be honest, putting yourself out there all the time can be exhausting and repetitive. Am I right? There's always this weird pressure to always have something AMAZING and personal to say that always requires new content. Whether that be a new photo to post, or something you've learned today...... What if I told you you didn't always have to have NEW content? What if I told you that you can use the resources you already have?

You heard me right! What if you could say the same message in different ways by using the same collection of photos. That the process of having a collection of photos to choose from can help share the insight you have already shared.

That's where I come in.

Sure those head shots are great to put a "face to the brand," but in these Instagram days viewers want to see more than that. There are so many things we want to share as a business to have new clients find us, have existing clients return to us, and just keep our heads-a-float! But more importantly we want to seem relatable to the right client. That we can understand each other enough to work together on a project. In my circumstance, coming together to create something that represents YOU within a photo. Before I start any session I always forward on a Welcome Package. In here I have tips, guides, and information on what to expect and better prepare for our session. When it comes to small businesses I always ALWAYS include these 10 tips I learned from the amazingly knowledgeable Jenna Kutcher.

These tips not only made me think differently about what I was putting out there but really made me think about quality over quantity. It made me want to put the work-in and make my message loud and clear.

Here are 7 ideas to revive, reuse or repurpose your content:

  1. Spend less time creating the content and more planning on how, when, and where you’ll be sharing it!  Just changing up the way you’re thinking about the creation process can have you marketing to the masses in a way that serves them up (without constantly feeling the need to create new stuff!)

  2. When you create content, keep in mind that you intend for it to be evergreen (or live on more than one post). Try to keep seasonal or date specific mentions out of the content and keep it general so that if someone were to land on this page in 6 months, it would still be relevant.

  3. Check your links often. Then re-check them. Things happen, wires get crossed, pages change – to keep an elevated experience on your site, you have to make sure things work. Try to click through your site at least quarterly to make sure everything is still working properly.

  4. Do you already have a freebie created that you could promote in a new way? Instead of making a new free offer for your audience, talk about it in a new way and promote it again.

  5. When deciding which content to reshare, check out what’s currently doing well. You can do this by looking at your google analytics and most visited pages. Make sure those have a freebie attached to them so you are converting that traffic on to your email list.

  6. Alternatively, check the pages that aren’t doing so well. Is there a reason? Could you improve that work and reshare it so more people see it?

  7. Would your content do well as a guest post for someone else? When I get approached to write for another blog, I first check my catalog of topics already written. Sometimes a fresh intro and spin on already created teachings is all that is needed to re-use my content. Just be sure you’ve got new words and aren’t copying and pasting word for word or SEO will punish you.

Below you will see the beautiful Shannon from Shannon Laliberte Photography. On this day we decided to experiment with locations and content creation in Kensington Market, Toronto ON. Little did we know it was going to be a freezing/windy day out. We had to get creative. We wondered into a vintage clothing store, a bar nearby, and a back alley. Not only did we get great shots but we created variety and texture to whatever message we wanted to show when posting from each location.

Seeing a session as an opportunity to try something new, put yourself where your viewers haven't seen you before, is refreshing and powerful as a content creator.

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