Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

There are so many amazing artists out there that define their look by how they feel, what's on trend, what clients want, what they really want, etc.. Most brides and grooms getting married haven't planned a wedding before so HOW DO YOU KNOW what photographer is best for you! Is there a right answer to this question? Some brides may not even have a venue yet, or a set theme/colour or ANYTHING to base this decision off of. And then there are brides who have the most specific look they want to achieve. OR you're someone who falls in the middle, you have an idea about a moody vs. bright photography style but not really sure what fits you best. Girl, don't worry. There IS someone out there that fits your needs, just narrow it down by these few things.

1. Someone who you genuinely want to hang out with.

Remember, this is the biggest most emotional day of your life, you want people who care about you to be there. People you love and people who support you. This includes all your vendors helping to make your day special.... well.... special. Choosing someone to catch the personal moments and all the fun in between should be someone that cares about your love story. Surround yourself with good people...... ALWAYS! So why not treat this the same way for the most important day in your life as a couple. Don't make it complicated.

2. Style and Look

Saying "no" to couples because our styles aren't the right fit is a tough thing I admit that I have to do sometimes. I wish I could be the perfect style for everyones taste, that what I am creating is accepted by everyone. But that's just not true and why should it be? We are all different with what we like and dislike.

Pick someone that you can see YOURSELF in their photos. Here's a brief overview of styles out there today:

  • Moody - these tend to be more dark shadows, emotionally driven and wickedly creative.

  • Bright - just like your day! Something that is light hearted, candid, and carefree.

  • Documentary - the raw of it all. A fly on the wall, not too many posed photos here.

  • Cinematic - that epic look you see in magazines of those over-the-top weddings! Or maybe not, making something simple like an elopement look HUGE on top of a mountain!

There is no right answer. Maybe you want a combination of styles. And trust me, they are out there. So many talented artists that will surprise you I'm sure.

3. Types of Packages

Not something to get too hung up on but every photographer has some sort of offer that will come in a package. Whether that is determined by an hourly rate or a delivery amount of photos and/or videos, there are always many ways to create a package. And trust me when I say that all packages are custom made to your needs (at least that's my experience). I do everything to make my clients happy when they take me on as their photographer/videographer because this is about them and not what I need. Again pick someone you want to be friends with. They will get it and they will want you to be happy.

Typical things involved in Packages:

  • Amount of Hours

  • Print Options

  • Engagement Sessions

  • Online Galleries

  • Print Releases

  • Options for Second Shooters

And here's something worth reading from the knowledgeable Jenna Kutcher.

"Choosing a wedding photographer is a personal decision. Many factors play a role in choosing who will document your wedding day. Beyond price, personality, editing style, package features, and location all play a large role in choosing your wedding photographer. While these factors weigh heavily one thing that is entirely important is finding someone who makes you feel comfortable to be yourself. 

At the end of the day, your photographer is more than a vendor. They are someone that is with you for the majority of such an important day. They have to see you in your skivvies as you get into your dress, coordinate your family photos, make sure things stay on schedule, win over your unruly groomsmen, pin on boutonnieres, bustle your gown, hold your lip stick, and assure you that everything will be fine. The key to beautiful wedding photos is feeling comfortable with the person you chose to capture your day and to trust that they can handle whatever might be thrown their way. Trust me, us photographers are resilient. We walk into new spaces, new venues, new weather situations, new lighting every single week. We have pretty much seen it all and we are never surprised. Weddings are unpredictable. They are living, breathing phenomenons with high emotions and we want to make this the best day of your life."

- Jenna Kutcher

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