Adopting a Rescue Pup - Moira's Story

Moira came into our lives last week and I cannot tell you how long I have waited for her. For years and years I knew I wanted to be a dog mom and be surrounded by pups my entire life. And here’s a secret, if I wasn’t a photographer/videographer I would be opening up my own rescue and taking in as many pups as I possibly could. Truth! I decided to take up a part time job as I built my company as a dog walker. I expected I would love being outdoors, getting to know the ins and outs of dog behaviour, walking with the dogs, and grouping them together for pack walks. You know, being that fun dog walker with all the keys that jingle on my side….. I didn’t expect I would LOVE it as much as I did. Getting attached to the pups was something I didn’t expect either! Sure you love your time with them, sure you feel great about helping care for them, but I didn’t expect I would be taking a role in their upbringing.

Being Ready

There were a couple of regulars that really stole my heart. They showed me everything that goes into being a great dog: Arlo, Lucy & Rufus. They were my daily walks, my everyday, and my buds. We would go on adventures, walk together, play fetch, say hi to the neighbours, you know…. all the dog walking things. I truly love those pups and happy to always keep up with their families via the internet. They are a HUGE reason in preparing me to be in a good place to adopt one of my own. They built confidence and knowledge in me that I didn’t know I needed to become a dog owner. And with that said, it opened my eyes to better understand the commitment and responsibility needed to take care of a new dog family member.

Everything I had hoped for led me to Moira. Even the little lifestyle changes I made to better myself as a person has benefitted me being better prepared for this day. Emotionally there is no doubt I would spoil her to bits. Physically I have been getting out of bed at 6AM ever since I promised myself this January 2019 that I would, and can now easily get up with her and give her a long morning walk. I have THE BEST partner in my life that supports and encourages me throughout everything I do, and once he gave me "the green light" to go for this dream (the dream of having Moira) there was no stopping me.

Adopting Moira

Now, the big question, how did we get her? How did we find her? What made us fight for her?

I am happy to volunteer for dog rescues with my skillset as a photographer. At this particular time I had my heart in the right place. I knew there were many rescue pups on their way from Texas in one big convoy. When I was asked to help out with the adoptables photos for this round I knew I wanted to keep up with their journey so I would know some of them before the photo shoot. Little did I know I would completely melt for one. Moira's foster momma (the best one out there!) created an Instagram account for her and started to post photos. That's how we found those big ears! I reached out through Instagram to see if she might still be looking for a home.

Everything her foster mom shared sounded like the perfect fit for us. Not only did she sound like a dream, she was living a few streets over from us. We knew she was getting use to loud noises of the city, riding the streetcar, and was great around dogs and people. All the details added up and I couldn't wait to meet her. She sounded so perfect. But the real test was yet to come. Meeting her. What if she didn't like us? What if things weren't meant to be? You just never know how they might be in person than on the internet.

After about a week of setting up the paperwork, house check, reference check, it was time for the photo shoot. It wasn't until her foster mom mentioned that she would be there that I knew we were going to meet Moira that evening. I cannot even tell you how long that Thursday felt until the photo shoot. I was so darn excited! James came by at the end, and we waited for Moria to arrive.

The moment she came up to us and snuggled her way onto James' lap, that was it! We were obsessed with her! And what a special time to have my camera ready to go to capture these moments. Her size, her personality, her confidence, her everything was EVERYTHING I didn't even know I was looking for. When you see her you'll notice her head too big for her body and her legs too short for her body, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

A HUGE HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to every single person that helped bring Moira into our family. Whatever role you played, big or small, you contributed to how amazing she is and we couldn't have asked for a better pup. Keep up with all our adventures here!

Life with Moira

Since then life hasn't been the same, it's been way better! Moira has been adjusting so well to our lifestyle (let's be honest, we're boring and don't do much except cuddle and look at her haha) with morning walks, afternoon pack walks with her dog walker, working from home with me, afternoon adventures to places like Stackt Market and dog parks, and nighttime outings with her Dad. I say she's been doing amazing all over the board.

This long weekend was the first time I have ever brought a dog home to meet my family. And to meet little Gus Gus. It couldn't have gone any better. They were besties by the end of it and we were so sad to leave the big back yard. Only having her just this short while there isn't much to say yet about how much she's changed, but I will say that she has been the perfect addition onto our little family and we are overjoyed every time we get to walk through our front door and see her smiling face happy to see us.

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