Adoptables Photoshoot - Redemption Paws Toronto

I think one of the best ways for pups to be showcased in their BEST light to get adopted is to see their personalities shine around the ones they love. When I was asked to help take photos of these pups that was one thing I wanted to incorporate for every pup. A chance for people to connect with a photo by seeing the best of them.

Shoutout to all the foster parents able to give these pups a temporary home and better adjust to their new lives. With that comes a gain of trust and comfortability.

Now photoshoots are an entirely different environment for these guys but every single one of them did amazingly well in front of the camera. They let me come into their personal space. Allow me to grab their photos with ease and comfort. I hope you can see the greatness in their eyes through these photos. If you want to know more about these guys please visit for all the information to inquire. Whether you are looking to adopt, foster or volunteer, I highly recommend getting involved.

I can't tell you how good it feels to be able to give my talent back to the community the best way I know how: photography. If one of these photos helps a potential adopter see their new family member, that will be the most rewarding feeling of all.

I have included some blurbs from some of the pups available below, courtesy of Redemption Paws :)

I hope you enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for some upcoming news!

EXCITING NEWS I promise :)


"This girl is such a goof! She has a great personality, so cuddly, sweet and silly. Crimson is an energetic girl who has zoomies to spare! She if finally starting to play, loves her Kong and learning to play tug of war. She’s working on her leash skills and making great progress so far. She absolutely loves other dogs and is always ready to wrestle with her foster siblings. She is such a love bug, whoever adopts this gem is in for a real treat!"


"Is he a Chihuahua? A fox? Or maybe a baby deer? That seems to depend on the moment with Jorge, and if you adopt him, you get all 3-in-1! Jorge is super sweet and loves to cuddle and be near his humans; if he’s not in your lap he’s definitely laying down nearby. He’s a big fan of belly rubs and will sometimes lay down for a mid-walk-rub, he always knows when it’s time to take a break.

He is a happy little walker and loves to explore the city. He’s does great on public transit too, whether it’s a bus, train or streetcar, it’s no problem for this guy!

When he’s not rocking public transit or cuddled up in someone’s lap this boy is all about playtime. Tug-of-war with his favourite rope toy is his number one game and he’s just starting to learn fetch too.Jorge is the perfect package, he loves to play, but is also perfectly content chilling by your side in-front of the TV or cuddling with his stuffed toy in his crate. This foxy little fella is one of a kind and will make any family feel complete."


"Lark has the most ridiculously cute ears and chocolate brown eyes you’ve ever seen!

She’s super sweet and cuddly, and loves to be by our side. She enjoys long walk and is great on the leash; she’s very curious and loves to explore. She’s also completely house trained!

She’s very quiet indoors, the most noise she makes is the tippy tappy noise of her on her way to her crate or your lap! Anywhere warm and cozy is guaranteed to make this girl a happy pup.

Lark is 9 lbs of pure love, all she wants to do is snuggle up with you to read or watch TV. She’s such a sweetie pie!"


"Cabana is an incredibly loving and fun dog, if you don’t mind constantly being followed and adored. She loves attention and will direct your pets to her head when the opportunity presents itself. If you are in a more chill mood she will quietly drape her body over you or a pillow and nap.

She sleeps quietly in her crate all night and is house trained as well. She’s working hard on her leash skills and is making good progress.

She currently lives with a cat and would be fine to live in a home with another feline friend.

This little cutie is quite the looker too, she has the most expressive eyebrows and is always smiling! Her adorable factor is off the charts! She’s an excellent little dog who is sure to snuggle her way into your heart (and your lap!) in no time."


"Do you want a dog whose whole body wiggles with happiness every time you look his way? Meet Newton! This affectionate pup will feel right at home with you; whether you’re relaxing on the couch, cooking dinner or entertaining friends, he’s at ease and happy to just lie around where you are!

Newton has not had any accidents in the house and gets walks often throughout the day. He sleeps through the night without a peep and already knows a few commands – he is food motivated and learning new tricks quickly!

Newton is very excited on walks and is super eager to explore the city. In just a few short days his leash walking skills have improved immensely and we’re confident they will continue to do so with practice!

Newton has met many dogs on his daily walks and has had successful play dates too. He’s a perfect playful gentleman!

Newton’s favourite pastime is to jump up next to you with a bum wiggle and roll over onto his back for belly rubs! He has a lot of personality and an ever-wagging tail. He has so much love to give and can’t wait to meet his forever family!"


"If you’re looking for a cuddling cutie who loves getting spoiled with belly rubs, Speedy is all ears!

He enjoys going on walks; exploring new areas in Toronto is so much fun! He’s still getting used to the crazy hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto, but quickly catching up to speed with it. He’s the perfect lap dog; gentle pats will send this little guy straight to Snoozes-ville. Speedy completely lights up when he’s found a nice patch of grass; if he could spend all day frolicking through a field and rolling in grass, he would! He’s an expert at sunbathing and enjoys spending his alone time snuggled up in his crate, anything warm and cozy is fit to make this 4 lb pup a happy boy."


"Hawksley is a charming little guy who steals hearts wherever he goes! Once he overcomes his initial shyness he is your best buddy and is always by your side. He loves to be loved on; any affection he receives is very appreciated, especially belly rubs! He’s got some energy and loves to play with his toys too. He’s still adjusting to the busyness of downtown living and needs his best buddy’s support to build up his confidence. Hawksley is crate trained and house trained as well, he has no issues sleeping through the night and doesn’t make a peep. If you’re looking for a loving, devoted dog, Hawksley is definitely your guy!"


"I’m a decaf kinda gal with 2 sugars. Chill, low energy but sweet. Oh and don’t think that means I don’t love walks. I walk in ANY kind of weather and especially love the rain. Think of me as your personal trainer. I will get your steps in everyday! I walk AMAZING on the leash.. no pulling at all! In terms of my ideal home, well of course I’d like to be the only dog and get all the love I’ve been searching for, for myself. I’ve been hanging out at my foster mom’s office encountering tons of people a day…I don’t want to sound too braggy but everyone always comments on how sweet and calm I am! As soon as I hear that I raise my leg for a belly rub. Can’t miss that opportunity. I’m 7 years old and weigh 54 lbs. Vet said I’m in great shape and thinks that at one time I did have a loving home as I’m house trained and crate trained. Truth is, I don’t need the crate to sleep in at night, I’m happy on the floor or…your couch. I have a supermodel smile and always look fashionable in my bandana.

I have the sweetest brown eyes and so much love to give. I promise to be the best girl ever I just need a chance to win you over if I haven’t already!"


"Blondie is the sweetest little Chihuahua there ever was.

He’s a good listener and is affection driven, though he does like his treats. Blondie’s a real smarty-pants and already knows how to come when called and stay. He walks well on leash and is crate trained as well. He’ll go in when asked, and is a happy little camper whenever he’s crated. He’s house trained too and has also conquered the big spooky stairs with ease!

Blondie is a confident little dog and loves love; he can’t wait for you to come home and just wants to cuddle and kiss every person he meets. A total social butterfly, he interacts politely and is friendly with dogs of all sizes and humans of all kinds. Blondie will be the best cuddle buddy and provide as many kisses as possible in his future home. This sweet boy would be the ideal companion in any home and would fit well in a home with another dog, as long as he gets all the pets he needs."





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